What is 360-Degree Interactive Video

360 video is video that’s recorded from all angles using a special rig of multiple cameras, or one camera with multiple lenses. The viewer can navigate around based on their central point in space, dictated by the camera.

Stand Out in Web

Many online platforms including YouTube & Facebook now support 360-Degree Interactive video content. 360 degree video is an immersive media technology changing the way a viewer interacts with live streaming video. Our company produces 360-Degree Videos Live Tours and 360 Video from still panoramas. They can be upload on Facebook, YouTube and other 360 video supporting services. It also can be custom video tour with all benefits of it.



Increase visibility

360 Video improve the “visibility” of your business in the Internet. Move your company in virtual reality with an interactive 360 video! You will be able to demonstrate all the advantages of the business whether it’s a restaurant, shop, gym or beauty salon.

24/7 Exposure

With the 360 Video, you will be able to familiarize an immeasurably greater number of people with the atmosphere of the place than by any other type of advertising. A person who wants to relax and unwind will be much more confident in visiting a new place if he has previously seen a 360 Video of it and knows what awaits him.

Gives you flexibility and freedom

You can manage the customer’s attention: wares can be shown from the most favorable sides or can be shown to answer to frequently asked questions.

Website & Social Media Integration

You can publish the 360 Video on your own website or social network page. We provide free advice on the placement of the 360 Videos.

Cross-platforming compatible

Cross-platforming HTML5 engine, with the ability to show the virtual tour on desktops, tablets, smart phones, iPad, Android and iPhones. Including VR Headsets.

One time investment

The best possible ROI solution. Hosting your 360 Video on Youtube or other video streaming platform is free, and you’ll only pay one time for the video shoot. With this one-time investment, you’ll have a next-generation web tool that’ll help turn your online visitors into customers before they ever stop foot inside your store.



Together, we determine date and time of video gathering. We offer our suggestions on how to prepare the premises in the best way before video gathering begins.


Amount of time needed to gather video images depends on the size of your premises. The video gathering requires about one hour, or more depending on the complexity of work.


After the gather we edit and process the raw video files for optimal visual appeal: stitching, retouching, color correction, adjustment. After the videos  is processed, it can be aditionaly enchanced with text, audio and helpful information.


All video provided to client as mp4 files. Additionaly we upload them to Youtube, Facebook and Vimeo. We provide free explanation how to embed and proceed with them in most efficient way.  You will receive an email from us when your video is available. You can then publish the video  on your own website or social network page.