What is Custom Virtual Tour

A virtual tour is the simulation of an existing location with the help of sequential 360 panoramic images as viewpoints, between which you can travel like on an excursion. Other multimedia elements like music, sound effects, floor plans, etc., could also be used. They help in recreating a realistic representation of reality.

Stand Out in Web

Custom Virtual Tour is a service that allows your clients to see what you have to offer without leaving office or home. It is better to see once than to hear for a hundred times! With Custom Virtual Tour your client can take a virtual walk to the store, fitness club or restaurant.

Custom Virtual Tour brings your customers into your business with virtual tour 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Branding Skin

Custom sking for tour to brand it with your logo, links, and business information.

Menus for Navigation

Great for navigating large properties or multiple locations.


Clickable Custom HotSpots with Thumbnail Previews of next scene

Info Cards

Area specific Info Cards to give additional information about products that appear in particular rooms, locations within a room and even objects in a room.

Embedded videos

Embed videos inside Tour from video services like Youtube, Vimeo etc.

Web Links

Direct Links to your web page menus, online shop, booking page, third party ticketing, reservations or booking services, calendars and schedules.

Social Sharing

Buttons for share virtual tour on social networks.

Custom Settings

Customizable settings for auto-panning, rotating, field of view, and starting point for each tour.

Cross Platforming

Tours work on Computer, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, and any Android devices.

VR Headsets Experience

We capture sharp high resolution full 360° panoramas in high dynamic range that can be viewes in VR Headsets.

Google Maps Integration

Every panorama in tour have GPS coordinates and shown on google map that intergated in tour.

Background Music and Sounds

Use Background Music to create unique mood for viewers, music can be one for all virtual tour or depending on active scene. Sounds on actions and interactions with tour add more life to it.



Increase visibility

Custom Virtual Tour improve the “visibility” of your business in the Internet. Move your company in virtual reality with an interactive panoramic tour! You will be able to demonstrate all the advantages of the business whether it’s a restaurant, shop, gym or beauty salon.

24/7 Exposure

With the virtual tour, you will be able to familiarize an immeasurably greater number of people with the atmosphere of the place than by any other type of advertising. A person who wants to relax and unwind will be much more confident in visiting a new place if he has previously seen a Virtual Tour and knows what awaits him.

Gives you flexibility and freedom

You can manage the customer’s attention: wares can be shown from the most favorable sides or can be shown to answer to frequently asked questions.

Website & Social Media Integration

You can publish the virtual tour on your own website or social network page. We provide free advice on the placement of the virtual tour.

Cross-platforming compatible

Cross-platforming HTML5 engine, with the ability to show the virtual tour on desktops, tablets, smart phones, iPad, Android and iPhones.

One time investment

The best possible ROI solution. You’ll only pay one time for the photo shoot. With this one-time investment, you’ll have a next-generation web tool that’ll help turn your online visitors into customers before they ever stop foot inside your store.



Together, we determine date and time of image gathering. We offer our suggestions on how to prepare the premises in the best way before image gathering begins.


Amount of time needed to gather images depends on the size of your premises. In a small location, gathering enough images for the requisite five panoramas will take at least one hour.


After we gather, we edit and process all pictures for optimal visual appeal.


Once complete, we’ll supply you with tour archive and the code to add the new custom tour and new features to your website and social media. The custom tour on your website will add interactivity and highlight all your best features.