What is Street View Trusted?

Google Street View allows clients to use Google to see images of what you offer. For example, a potential client wants to choose a restaurant for dinner. He uses Google.com, Google Maps, or uses a mobile Google application where feedback and evaluations will influence his decision.

Because we humans are visually oriented, good images of your business are crucial in driving this decision.

With Google Street View, your client can take a virtual tour through your premises. Searching immediately becomes more efficient as the client can experience an immersive illustration of what you mean by a description like “comfortable interior” or “state-of-the-art equipment.” When a client searches the web, a virtual tour presents your business in a much better light than the competition and gives a much better impression than being just another icon on the map.

With a virtual tour, Google Street View brings customers into your business—any time, all the time.

Google Street View | Trusted See Inside Example

Stand Out In Google Search

Google Street View Trusted tours are embedded within the Google Knowledge Graphs, which you see when you search Google for local businesses. When you search for a business by its name, Google delivers relevant business information, such as contact details, photos, and location map. With a Street View Trusted tour you get the additional option to “step inside and look around.”

By enhancing your Google Knowledge Graph and your free local business listing within Google Search, you can throw open your doors—around the clock—for potential customers to look around. Seeing the improved listing will give them a better sense of your offerings and they are then more likely to become clients.

Appear Higher in Google Searches

Google Maps is one of the most used search engines in the world. However, Google needs data that is accurate, relevant, and timely. A key functionality of the application is to make your business easier to find.

When our Street View Trusted photographer visits your business to make a virtual tour, he can assist Google in verifying that the location of your business is accurate. A verified location will appear higher in local Google search results when compared to a business equal in all other aspects. Therefore, you give your business a competitive edge over others by implementing the Street View|Trusted virtual tour.

Consumers increasingly turn to Google Maps to locate nearby businesses. Users search for terms like “restaurants near me” or “supermarket near me.” With a Street View Trusted tour embedded on the Google Maps listing, they can quickly see if your place is a suitable match for what they wish to locate.

Google Street View | Trusted Google Map Example

Virtual Tours Help Double Interest in Business Listings

Comparing the interest of users of the Google search engine with only general information, photos and a 3D virtual tour.

Those who view a listing with a virtual tour are twice as likely to be interested in booking a reservation there.

Prospects aged 18 to 34 in particular, are 130% more likely to book based on a tour.



Increase visibility

Google Bussines Virtual Tour improve the “visibility” of your business in the Internet. Move your company in virtual reality with an interactive panoramic tour! You will be able to demonstrate all the advantages of the business whether it’s a restaurant, shop, gym or beauty salon.

24/7 Exposure

With the virtual tour, you will be able to familiarize an immeasurably greater number of people with the atmosphere of the place than by any other type of advertising. A person who wants to relax and unwind will be much more confident in visiting a new place if he has previously seen a Virtual Tour and knows what awaits him.

Gives you flexibility and freedom

You can manage the customer’s attention: wares can be shown from the most favorable sides or can be shown to answer to frequently asked questions.

Website & Social Media Integration

You can publish the virtual tour on your own website or social network page. We provide free advice on the placement of the virtual tour.

Cross-platforming compatible

Cross-platforming HTML5 engine, with the ability to show the virtual tour on desktops, tablets, smart phones, iPad, Android and iPhones.

One time investment

The best possible ROI solution. Hosting your tour is free, and you’ll only pay one time for the photo shoot. With this one-time investment, you’ll have a next-generation web tool that’ll help turn your online visitors into customers before they ever stop foot inside your store.



We discuss the date and time of the shoot; detail the cost of services, and; we will explain how to prepare your location for the best results.


Before making the images needed, we will need a signed agreement covering the use of the images and a contract for services. The photography session takes about one hour for a small location. Larger locations typically take several hours to cover. A site visit will be helpful in determining the time required for photo gathering.


After the photo shoot, we process the raw photographs for full effect: retouching, color correction, adjustment of parameters, for example. Some corrections to the images are available upon request. After processing, the images are “stitched” together using specialized software to create the panorama.


We upload the finished panoramas to Google for quality control. Once the series passes, the images are published on several Google platforms, such as: Google Earth, Google Search, Google+ Local Business Center, Google Maps, Google+, and Google Maps Mobile. You will receive an email from us when your virtual tour is approved. You can then publish the virtual tour on your own website or social network page. We provide free advice on the placement of the virtual tour.